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** Bike program suggested by our Bike Manager **

from 1st to 6th May 2023​​

➜ 07:30 / 08:30 BREAKFAST

** Program subject to possible deviations due to the weather conditions of the period **

➜ Return in Hotel for Lunch
➜ 19:30 / 21:00 Dinner

1. Monday


The village
located on a hill west of Rimini (16 km)
borders the Republic of San Marino (10 km). Verucchio has been able to keep its charm intact. Its dual nature as the cradle of the Malatestas and
several centuries earlier
as the center of the Villanovan civilization combined with the scenic beauty of the Marecchia River Valley in which it is immersed
makes a visit to the ancient village a must for anyone passing through Romagna.

📍 Santarcangelo
Ponte Verucchio
Marecchia River cycle path

🍽️ Abendessen im Restaurant Folya im Oxygen Hotel 🍽️

#2 Tuesday


Architectural and natural beauties
noble palaces
village houses
countless exhibitions and museums
events that enliven no less than fairs and village festivals full of scents and flavors. Thanks to all these assets
in 2009 Sogliano al Rubicone obtained the title of "City" by decree
an honor bestowed by the President of the Republic.

📍 Savignano
Sogliano sul Rubicone

🍽️ Abendessen im Restaurant Folya im Oxygen Hotel 🍽️


“In the kitchen with the Zdora” (dialect term for the matriarch of the house). We organize Romagna cooking classes for our guests!

#3 Wednesday


Gradara is one of the most beautiful villages in the Marche region. "Borgo dei borghi 2018"
orange flag and included among the "most beautiful villages in Italy". Medieval atmosphere
a magnificent fortress
breathtaking landscapes...

📍 Gabicce Monte
Parco San Bartolo

🚌 Bustransfer 🏨

🍽️ Abendessen im Restaurant Folya im Oxygen Hotel 🍽️

#4 Thursday


An excellently preserved village of medieval origins
it offers numerous historical and artistic testimonies
all to be discovered and rediscovered. The historic center still retains the characteristic double wall
a castle of medieval origins
formerly the residence of the Malatestas
an imposing Civic Tower
five museums
a war shelter
two important historic churches
a nineteenth-century theater. The village is surrounded by a hilly area that offers the possibility of excursions along roads and paths. The picture is completed by tasty food and wine excellences and excellent restaurants.

📍 Cesenatico (Pantani Monuments)

🥗🧆 Verkostung typischer lokaler Produkte 🍷🥂

🚌 Bustransfer 🏨

#5 Friday


“Little Venice” is a lagoon city that enchants: it is polite and genuine
endowed with a vitality that finds life in respecting its history and the surrounding environment. A widespread clarity recalls the proximity to the sea
whose light floods urban spaces
enhanced by the quiet surfaces of the canals. A treasure chest of particular naturalistic beauties and historical testimonies
today considered the capital of the Po Delta Park
is a small town that was born and lives between land and water.

📍 Comacchio
Porto Garibaldi
Valleys of Comacchio

🚌 Bustransfer 🏨

#6 Saturday

Montefiore Conca

The Rocca di Montefiore Conca is a medieval fortress located in the small town of Montefiore Conca
in the province of Rimini
Italy. The fortress dates back to the 11th century and was once a strategic stronghold for the nearby city of Rimini.

The climb to the Rocca di Montefiore Conca is approximately 7km long and is a challenging ride with some steep sections. The road winds its way up through the hills
passing through small villages and offering beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The climb has an average gradient of around 6%
with some sections reaching up to 10%. Despite the challenging nature of the climb
it’s a popular route for cyclists due to the stunning scenery and the opportunity to visit the historic fortress at the top.

📍 XXV Aprile Park in Rimini
Morciano di Romagna

🍝🧇 Picknick angeboten von Oxygen Cycling Hotels 🍎🍐​

🚌 Bustransfer 🏨

L'Oxygen Bike Pic Nic

In our cycling packages
our Bike Picnic cannot be missed.
An experience in which a smile
local cuisine and sport come together and the day becomes unforgettable.
Ours are genuine dishes
made with the care
love and the passion of our Chefs
as genuine as the cured meats and cheeses
as fragrant as our wines.

Organized under the shade of large trees with a view to take your breath away.

INBICI STORE - Our Affiliated Workshop

INBICI STORE is the new online shop project created by INBICI MEDIA GROUP SRL
an influential key player in the bike economy for the last ten years.

INBICI STORE is the large online cycle emporium where you can buy the most trusted articles in the world of cycling at unbeatable prices. Customers of the Oxygen Cycling Hotel can purchase the best in clothing and technical accessories at competitive prices
with discounts of 40% to 70%
knowing that they are receiving products of proven quality.

Inbici Store is able to ship quickly within Italy and to all European countries.


We organise tasting tours during our bike rides. With 1 hectare of garden planted with olive trees
it boasts 4 olive groves (around a thousand examples) and many used as an orchard
"Family Farm Gobbi" guarantees product quality to our guests!

what you will taste...

Panzanella revisited
(stale mountain bread
pecorino cheese
winter cherry tomatoes
broad beans
family Farm Gobbi EVO oil and vinegar of own production)

Mixed croutons // Mixed cold cuts // Mixed cheeses
Tasting of homemade jam (peach or apricot and blackberries)
Piadina alla slab of own production
Dry biscuits of own production


“In the kitchen with the Zdora” (dialect term for the matriarch of the house). We organize Romagna cooking classes for our guests!


Our swimming pool has a mild temperature suitable for spring and autumn bathing. It is filled with saline water
with salt obtained from sea water by natural evaporation. It consists of 3 spaces which
create a perfect environment for adults looking for relaxation and for children who want to have fun!

WHERE is oxygen

Lungomare Porto Palos
40 47922 Viserbella (Rn)

CIR 099014-AL-00278

CIR 099014-AL-00278